About North County Home Theaters

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Our business model is a customer centered system rather than the traditional store front or “box store” model; every job is custom to us. We visit your home or business so we can design the audio/video system you desire with your specific needs in mind. This allows a much more affordable, relaxed way to design all sizes of “smart home,” media, and communication systems for your home or business. We only sell you products for which we are dealers. We don’t do “seconds” and we don’t buy from liquidators.

New tech comes out every year, so we like to stay on top of all of the newest advancements. We’ll keep up to date so we can bring you the most cutting-edge systems and techniques! We love continuing our education so that we can continue to excel in our field.

Call North County Home Theaters today to get all of the latest equipment and systems installed! Our techs will be more than happy to give you a free estimate.