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Home Theater Systems

Our optimal setup for your dedicated home theater system takes into account every aspect of the viewing and listening experience, and achieves the most advantageous configuration for both. The environment you choose for your customized home theater is made into a very special place, where outside noises and distractions are blocked out, so you can be totally immersed in the experience. The acoustics are engineered to feature precise speaker placement, your video screen is positioned for perfect viewing, room lighting is managed to be perfectly in sync, and even the seating is set up for maximum comfort and enjoyment of sight and sound. In addition, the video and audio are delivered by advanced technology, capable of providing the ultimate in home theater system enjoyment.

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Stereo Speaker

Audio Systems Calibration

Audio/visual calibration involves fine-tuning the video processor in your television and sharpening the sound issued by your audio system, to levels that perfectly match the acoustics and the visual dispersion in your room. This generally involves test equipment for each system, used to produce the crispest color from your television, and the sharpest sound from your audio system. Since A/V equipment is rarely factory-set to optimum levels for the environment they will reside in, audio/visual calibration can be extremely beneficial for equipment, and thus for the people watching and listening.


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Affordable home theater setup with large chairs, all installed in the media room of a small home.

Media Rooms

From the Simple to the Extravagant, we will work with you to design the media room of your dreams.

4K, HDMI, 1080p, Atmos, LED, 5.1 or 7.1, etc. Are these terms you should be familiar with? Not necessarily… but they are still each very important to the setup of today’s entertainment rooms. That’s exactly why we are here to help. With technicians educated on the very latest in audio and video technology, we are well equipped to design a media room that will fit your family’s needs.
Whether your looking for an aesthetic seamless install of a large LCD over the fireplace or simply wanting that perfect surround sound experience, we are the one to call. Television size, speaker setup, component capabilities, remote programming, and more are all taken into account to deliver the Media Room that will blow you away.

Huge projector screen in a dedicated home theater with curtains and a large couch for seating.

Affordable Home Theater Installation

Experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater at an affordable price. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable. The products that make up a home theater are experiencing price reductions which have dramatically reduced the overall cost of our custom home theater packages. Furthermore, technological developments make today's less expensive components perform better than yesterday's more expensive ones. Great news when you are considering trading up. We can design a theater package for almost every budget. Best of all, you can control everything in your personal cinema without leaving your seat, even using an app on your phone.

Custom leather seating installed in home theater with cupholders and tabletops.

Don't forget the furniture

Investing in good quality theater chairs means investing in excellent ergonomic support that is specifically designed for home theater viewing. Sitting in a chair that provides pure comfort means that there will be nothing to get in the way of being truly absorbed in whatever movie you are watching. Experience quality relaxation and the rich choice of features and design elements in our theater chairs that empower your media experience. They will not disappoint!


The Whole Experience

Home theater systems bring the entire family together to relax, have fun, and enjoy the immersive experience of home entertainment. The first step is to plan your space by deciding if a dedicated home theater or multi-purpose media room best fits you and your family’s lifestyle. Basements, attics, bonus rooms, or spare rooms are also great dedicated home theater spaces, designed specifically for enjoying movies, sports, and video gaming. A media room serves a similar entertainment purpose but usually doubles as a central multi-purpose living space where the family frequently gathers.

Now that your space is planned, let us help guide you through the process!

  • TV or Projector

  • Size of Screen

  • Placement of Speakers

  • Placement of Projector

  • Wiring and Cables

  • WiFi

  • Number of Speakers

  • Placement of Components

  • Streaming Devices

  • Rack for Equipment


The Best Sound System for your Home Cinema

You want the best of the best for your home theater system. You want to feel like you are at the movie theaters in the comfort of your own home. You want to be blown away with the quality of the projection and the power of the surround sound. When you watch a movie, you want to be submerged in it; you want to feel like you are there. You want an IMAX experience while sitting on your comfy couch. When you choose us, you’ll get that quality that you’re looking for and the only other thing that you’ll need for a Friday night is the candy and popcorn to go with your favorite movie.


The Whole Process

Whether you are looking to purchase a new system, or already have your home theater in place, we are available to set up and install your equipment.  We can help you with everything from wiring to equipment placement and set up. Our ultimate goal is to create a home cinema experience that rivals that of a full scale theater. By applying the latest in ultrahigh-definition 4K resolution, our projection systems reproduce your favorite films with unmatched detail. North County Home Theaters prides itself on installing best in class video systems. You want all viewers to enjoy the entire picture without having to sit in any awkward positions or to look around someone else’s head to view the screen. The key is getting the sight lines right. Our experts help to avoid these miscues by creating your theater in CAD format first, resulting in the promised ultimate viewing experience.

As for sound, we are confident that we provide the best home theater installation experience in San Diego, CA.

We can install simple surround sound system for your family room or other multi-use area. We can also design and build a complete dedicated home theater, media room or family room for your viewing and listening pleasure; keeping the sound isolated from the rest of your home.  Take things to the next level with a custom surround sound system. We offer in-ceiling speakers, invisible speakers, wireless speakers, as well as hi-end floor speakers. We can provide solutions for your home audio needs.

Home Theater Room

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