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We understand. Installing a Flatscreen TV mount is the kind of project that looks like a piece of cake, at first. But once you start putting holes in your wall and wondering what to do with all the wires, it quickly becomes apparent that you’re in way over your head. Is the mount installed securely to the wall studs? Is it leveled? Is it even the right mount for your TV? Not to mention, the tools and hardware cost you will spend on just a basic Flatscreen TV installation. What’s more, a poorly installed TV mount can be a danger to your children and pets. Our professional techs inspect installation area and explain installation to customer before we begin.

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Hire Us - Save Money

We will ensure that your TV is mounted correctly. The last thing you want is to be enjoying your favorite Netflix show, and have your brand new flat screen TV wall mount fail. The professional TV installers at North County Home Theaters know how to handle your TV safely and effectively so it won’t fall and break.

Hiring us can actually save you time and money. By hiring us, you’re saving yourself from having to buy a new TV if your store-bought mounts fail, and you will save a lot of time letting us take care of all the details. Do yourself a favor — call North County Home Theaters today!


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Don't Add Extra Stress

We are passionate about helping you have the home entertainment system of your dreams. It’s nice to come home after a long day at work and enjoy a show. When you partner with us, you will know that your TV installation will not only last, but will be at the perfect viewing angle for you.

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No Risk. We're the TV Mounting Pros.

It would be nothing short of naïve to skimp out on some money on installation and mountain of the equipment when you have already spent thousands on purchasing them. The precious material needs careful handling by people who know how to handle them. To hand it over to some high-school kids for mounting and set-up would be risking expensive equipment for nothing.

We suggest hiring professional TV mounting and audio system personnel who know what they are doing and are experienced in their work. Be it mounting a TV on the wall, installing audio equipment, setting up network connection or installing audio/video accessories, you must give the task to someone who is reliable enough.

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We Can Handle Anything.

We can handle any brand of television, and any type of associated equipment. When you work with us, you can feel confident that:

Our highly professional equipment will give you a safer, better installation than your small stud finder.
Our team of experienced experts has the skill to ensure an installation that remains firmly in place after we leave.
You won’t have to worry about damage to your home or your walls.

The only thing you should worry about when you buy your new TV is when you’re going to schedule your game-day party or family movie night. You don’t need to be hauling around heavy equipment, worrying it’s going to break. We’re here to help.

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The Whole Experience

Home theater systems bring the entire family together to relax, have fun, and enjoy the immersive experience of home entertainment. The first step is to plan your space by deciding if a dedicated home theater or multi-purpose media room best fits you and your family’s lifestyle. Basements, attics, bonus rooms, or spare rooms are also great dedicated home theater spaces, designed specifically for enjoying movies, sports, and video gaming. A media room serves a similar entertainment purpose but usually doubles as a central multi-purpose living space where the family frequently gathers.

Now that your space is planned, let us help guide you through the process!

  • TV or Projector

  • Size of Screen

  • Placement of Speakers

  • Placement of Projector

  • Wiring and Cables

  • WiFi

  • Number of Speakers

  • Placement of Components

  • Streaming Devices

  • Rack for Equipment


Better Sound = Better Experience

Your television set comes with a built-in speaker, but it rarely delivers high-quality sound. A full speaker system can be expensive. Sound bars offer an excellent solution to the problem. Some can even offer home-theatre quality surround sound. If installed incorrectly, sound bars can block your remote sensor, which means you won’t be able to change the channel from your easy chair. They may also fail to deliver the proper level of sound if you don’t program them correctly.

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What Our Customers Say

North County Home Theaters did just what I needed. My downstairs media room completely transformed my house.
Good Job.

Jefferey O.

My friend recommended these guys after we got our home remodeled and wanted a personal theater. SUCH a good job. I'd be selfish not to pass along the word and recommend them to anyone looking for a home theater installation crew.

Avery S.

Super responsive when I called. They put up audio systems in all of our offices and we haven't had any problems. Their work is the best, hands down.

Devin K.
CEO of Inner Corners


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